Windows App Development

Windows App Development

This is more exciting than ever and offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses to reach out to an extended user-group. We combine technical skills with creativity to give your business the perfect digital platform to MARKET your brand.

Why Windows App Development?

Windows Phone OS has so far remained in the shadows of iOS and Android. But off late we are seeing a strong surge in this platform especially after Microsoft has acquired the mobile giant Nokia. Thanks to the bevy of Windows OS-based smartphones and smart business decisions taken by Microsoft. In 24 countries, including Britain, Germany and France Windws phones have already began to outsell iOS devices. If you haven't ventured into Windows Phone Application Development - this is the time to do so!

Microsoft in the recent years has positioned this OS as the golden mean between the openness of Android and closeness of iOS. Windows Phone is a highly extensible platform that offers you a host of opportunities to develop apps that are engaging and help you connect with your end users. The Live Tiles feature allows you to create distinct recognizable apps to market your brand.

Why us?

We are one of the leading Windows Mobile app development companies in India catering to the needs of the clients around the globe.Our developers have worked on several successful mobile applications across different niches.They are well versed in .Net Compact Framework, SS 3, Silverlight Tech, HLSL, XAML/C#, JAVASCRIPT, HTML 5, Visual Studio J2ME andother domains that give us the confidence to take up the most challenging of assignments

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